AHIT CertifiedI understand that range of feelings that come along with buying a home; how exciting it can be as you dream about a new location, new living spaces, the investment potential and a hundred other factors. I also understand that nagging worry we all try to ignore that comes from not knowing what we’re getting into!

Helping people have confidence in their home purchase and giving them the peace that comes from bringing the unknown into view is what excites me about being a home inspector!

From my teen years I was involved in building and remodeling. Growing up on a farm in northeastern Colorado, I developed an instinct for construction, repair, and occasionally a little demolition! I’ve always loved building and was active in the 4-H woodworking project and earned a welding certificate in college as I completed my Bachelors’ Degree in Agriculture Education.

My wife, Kristey, and I have remodeled, repaired, and updated homes in Tennessee and Kansas. In 2001, we hired a contractor to build a log cabin for us near Smoky Mountain National Park which we held as an investment property for many years.

Justin Roof ConstructionI recently took on the challenge of building our family’s home near Wamego. Together, my family and I utilized skills in architecture, excavation (contracted out), foundation work, insulated concrete forms, rough-in plumbing, framing, welding and steel work, hanging roof trusses, roofing (contracted out but provided some labor), hanging windows and doors, plumbing, electrical, Sheetrock installation and finishing, insulation, EIFS, stone work (contracted out), tiling, painting, Geothermal HVAC (contracted out), installing cabinets, trim carpentry, and landscaping. We did this construction using nights, weekends and days off. It was great training for a home inspector!

I have also completed a rigorous certification course with American Home Inspector Training (AHIT) which included more than 120 hours of content training on home systems and 3 days of on-site training with an experienced inspector. I use AHIT software for documenting inspections and generating PDF reports.

This broad and deep background gives me a unique knowledge base to use when inspecting a home. My background in education means I enjoy the process of helping buyers understand the systems and condition of their home purchase and how to best take care of this major investment.

I’d love to help you with your home!